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Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Company Name
GogoJungle Inc.
Shinobu Hayakawa
Postal Code
Hongo OGI Building 6F, 3-6-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Contact Us
Please contact us through our inquiry page.
Phone Number
Working Days
Monday to Friday
Working Hours
From 10:00 to 19:00

Products and Services for Sale
Real-time Video Distribute Service/Video Distribute Service for Seminars, Face-to-Face Seminars, E-books, Software, Signal Distribution, Seminar Video
* Real-time Video Distribute Service for Seminars is a service that is to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time from our server when seminars.
* Video Distribute Service is a service that distributes archived seminar videos from our server.
* Seminar Video is a service that allow to download archived seminar videos to your PC.

Product Shipping and Delivery Methods
Download or distribute online

Homepage URL

Product Shipping and Delivery Time
As a general rule, we will provide it as soon as you finish your payment.

Other Fees Excluding Product Price
When using bank transfer, a transfer fee will be charged in addition to the product price (tax included).

Order Method
Please order from the dedicated application form on the homepage.

Payment Method
Bank Transfer / Credit Card Payment / Web Account Transfer / Convenience Store Payment

Payment Due Date
If the application date is exceeded 2 days from registered date, that application will be cancelled. So please kindly help us note this point.
Cancellation After Ordering
1. Real-time Video Distribute Service/Video Distribute Service for Seminars cannot be canceled 24 hours before delivery. Please note that refunds are not possible.
2. Face-to-Face Seminars will not be canceled or refunded after 3 working days.
3. E-books, Software, and Video cannot be canceled after your download or subscription starts from the viewpoint of copyright protection. Refund support is not possible. Please note.

Fee for Refund
In case of Bank Transfer / Convenience Store Payment / Web Account Transfer, the transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
There is no fee for using card payment. Please kindly help us note this point.

"Shipping Method, Delivery Method" "Shipping Time, Delivery Time" "Other Fees Excluding Product Price" "Order Method" "Payment Method / Due Date" "Cancellation After Ordering" "Refunds", Each item of "Fee" applies to all products sold on Gogo Jungle.
But if there is a specified guidance for each product, it will be displayed for each product.
If GogoJungle is product seller, the product page will be labeled in accordance with GogoJungle's Policy on Specified Commercial Transaction.
If the carrier is product seller and is a business person, the notation is displayed in accordance with Carrier's Policy on Specified Commercial Transaction.
A carrier whether or not is a product seller depends on that carrier. However, regarding the amendment of Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law of Trade and Industry - Ministry of Economy, Guidelines for Sellers at Internet Auctions as below:
By that, carriers who are clearly "business person" will be treated as "business person" and will respond promptly if there is a request for disclosure.