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How to be a seller

1. Register as a normal
 member, and register your
 personal information from
 Account Setting to Personal
 Information on My Page.

2. From My Page “Seller
 Area”, agree to the
 Developer Registration
 Terms and Conditions and
 register as an exhibitor.

3. After exhibitor
 registration, various
 exhibitor menus will be

About sales commission

Exhibited products

Sales commission

Affiliate effort

Seller display


(settlement fee +
platform usage fee)



About affiliate fees

A minimum setting of 10% or more is required.
Payments to affiliates can only be deducted through the affiliate.

Payment of sales proceeds

Month-end closing, with payment on 5th of two months later.
Payment will be confirmed when the sales of
goods at the end of every month is over 5000 yen.

Payment method

The bank transfer fee will be paid by the seller
and will be deducted from the seller's sales.

Exhibition STEP


Create sales
summary page


MQ4, uploading
backtest data

After uploading MQ4
and backtest HTML and
backtest images,
it will be compatible
with GogoJungle side.


Forward measu-
rement period

Embedding web
authentication* and
starting forward
measurement at

This is a copy distribution
prevention program by
GogoJungle. There are
restrictions on the operation
of 1EA1 account. The user
can freely change the
management account.


Sales start

Assets required for exhibition

1. MQ4 source code(not ex4 file)* If there is a DLL, submit the DLL source code
2. Backtest date(more than 2years, preferably about 10 years) [html file + backtest jpg]
3. Product icon(128x128 pixel)
4. Product description text

How to update EA

Upload the EA file again from the exhibition page.
Put a note of the update contents in the zip.
Please add update information to the sales page overview.
GogoJungle will contact the purchaser for updates.

Community support after sales start

The sales page has a “community” (bulletin board) that you can write freely.
Inquiries from users who plan to purchase or from users who have already
purchased the product may be received, so please respond to the inquiry immediately
after confirming the email notification.

Other exhibitor functions

Special reward

In addition to uniform
affiliate rewards, special
rewards can be set for
specific bloggers
and influencers.

Partner contact

You can promote the
products you want to
promote to GogoJungle
affiliate partners.

Email function
to buyer

You can send an e-mail
to the users who purchased
your product in a batch.