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Terms of Service

1. Definitions

In this agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below.
1-1. “The Site” means,, affiliated sites and stores.
1-2. “Group companies” means our subsidiaries and affiliates.
1-3. “Members” means individuals and corporations who have agreed to the Terms and have registered as members of the Site using the prescribed method.
1-4. “Service” means various services for members provided by GogoJungle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”, “us”) on the Site.
1-5. “Seller” means a person who provides goods or services that are the subject of transactions on the Site.
1-6. “Customers” means individuals and corporations who use the Site.
1-7. “Terms, etc.” is a general term for these Terms, other terms and guidelines described on the Site.
1-8. “Member information” means information related to the attributes of members and the history of member transactions (including the “Trade Information” below) disclosed by members to the Site.
1-9. “Traders Ranking” means a service that posts the actual results of virtual trade transactions conducted by members on the Site.
1-10. “Prizes” means cash, goods and services provided to members in various present campaigns held on the Site.
1-11. “Trade Information” means the trading information and comments that the member traded in the virtual trade on the Site.
1-12. “On” means a virtual currency for purchasing products and services that can only be used within the Site.
1-13. “Paid Items” means products that can be used only within the Site.
1-14. “Signal” refers to information that informs the timing of buying and selling of investment by members (including not only oneself but also other members) and sellers.

2. Members

2-1. The member is just a position that to use the service provided by us, not for actual investment.
2-2. Members can use each service on the Site in accordance with the conditions established by us. However, it may be necessary to register the items stipulated by the terms and contracts for each service separately.
2-3. Members may not dispose of all or part of all rights that acquired to us by using their status and services as members, regardless of their transfer, sublease, collateral placement or other forms.

3. About the Terms

These terms apply to all members and should be observed during and after registration.

4. Member registration procedure

4-1. Membership
Individuals and corporations who have applied for the prescribed registration after agreeing to the Terms, will be eligible as members after completing the prescribed registration procedure. The member registration procedure must be performed by the member himself / herself. Registration by proxy is not permitted. In addition, we may refuse membership applications from those whose membership has been revoked in the past or those we have determined to be inappropriate. We shall not be liable for any situation that occurs in connection with the rejection of the application, and shall not be obliged to explain or disclose the reasons for the rejection of the application.
4-2. Entering member information
During the membership registration process, please read the notes well and fill out the required information on the designated entry form.
If any of the following items is applicable, we may restrict the use of the member's nickname and may suspend or delete the login.
1) Nickname against public order and morals
2) Nicknames that could violate the privacy of other members and third parties
3) Member applications from those who are judged to be inappropriate by us or from gang members

5. Management of User ID and Password

A user is responsible for managing the ID and password, such as periodically changing it so that others do not know it. If we confirm that the entered user ID and password match with the registered one by a prescribed method, it will be considered that the user has used it, and it will be deemed non-member due to theft, unauthorized use or other circumstances. Even if it is used by any person, we are not responsible for any damage caused by it.

6. Changing registration information

If there is a change in the registered information, please register it as soon as possible. We are not liable for any damages resulting from failure to register for changes. Even if a change registration is made, transactions that have already been processed before the change registration are performed based on the information before the change registration. If it is necessary to notify the seller of changes in registration information for such transactions, please contact the seller directly.

7. Member withdrawal

7-1. When a member wishes to withdraw from membership, the member should request deletion of member information from us. The membership will be withdrawn after the prescribed withdrawal procedure. If a member withdraws an application with an unpaid transfer price of less than 5,000 yen, the amount after deducting the transfer fee of the whole current month will be transferred to the registered designated account on 5th, the month after next(if that day falls on a non-business day, then occurs on the next business day).
7-2. If you withdraw from a member, you will not be able to re-obtain the goods and services what have purchased.

8. Transactions on the Site

8-1. Transactions with sellers that members perform through our servers are direct transactions. We will not be a party to the transaction and will not be liable for the transaction unless it becomes a seller for the transaction. Therefore, in the unlikely event that a problem occurs during the transaction, the member and the seller will have to resolve it.
8-2. The fee for receiving tickets to receive signals is our communication equipment usage fee, which is paid to us by members.

9. Disclaimer

9-1. Our service is only provided during that the Site is as a website. The Site makes no representations or warranties of any kind about the operation of the Site or the information, content, materials or products posted on the Site, whether express or implied. The customer assumes that he/she uses the Site at his/her own risk and understands and accepts in advance that we have no warranty or liability.
9-2. Please contact the seller directly regarding the details of the transaction with the seller, merchandise, services, content on the page, contents of various contents, and handling of personal information by the seller. We make no guarantees about the authenticity, accuracy, up-to-date, usefulness, reliability, legality, or infringement of third-party rights.
9-3. We shall not be liable for any damages caused by interruptions, delays, cancellations, data loss, unauthorized access to data, or other damages caused to members of us due to failures in communication lines or computers.
9-4. We do not guarantee that emails and contents sent from our web pages, servers, domains, etc. do not contain harmful items such as computer viruses.
9-5. We may provide information and advice from time to time to members and sellers, but we are not responsible for this.
9-6. We are not liable for any damages caused by members violating these Terms.

10. Prohibited matters

When using this service, members are prohibited from performing the following acts.
10-1. Violation of laws and ordinances
10-2. Undermine the rights, interests, honors, etc. of us, exhibitors, other customers and other third parties (Of course that all programs provided by us other than backup purposes, such as duplication, modification, and reverse engineering, are considered to fall under this term)
10-3. Performing the act of leaking false investment information on the Site
10-4. Performing acts that cause other users or other third parties annoying or discomfort
10-5. Entering false information
10-6. Send or write harmful computer programs, emails, etc.
10-7. Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers
10-8. Lending and transferring the user ID and password to a third party, or sharing with a third party
10-9. Posting the same or similar content repeatedly and obstructing the smooth operation of the service
10-10. Posting advertisements or promotional materials on the Site
10-11. Conduct religious or political activities
10-12. Other acts that we deem inappropriate

11. About cookies

11-1. To authenticate that we have accessed the Site as a member, to investigate the access history and usage status of members, and to provide other members with the best services, when a member accesses our server Information related to IP addresses, information related to the device identification number of mobile devices when accessed via mobile phone terminals, and information related to member access history, etc. are collected using cookie technology.
11-2. In order for a member to use the service as a member, it is necessary to accept the preceding paragraph and accept cookies. Therefore, please note that if you set your browser to refuse cookies, you will not be able to use each service as a member.

12. Handling of member information

12-1. We handle personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.
12-2. We shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the member except in the following cases.
1) When required by law
2) When a court or administrative body requests personal information
3) When it is deemed appropriate to provide personal information for the protection of exhibitor, public life, body or property
4) When a group company entrusted by us handles inquiries from members
5) When our company or group company notifies members of our company or group company services
6) Other cases where disclosure or provision of personal information is deemed appropriate due to social conventions

13. Handling of transmitted content

Recommendations, reviews, comments, questions, trade information for shops, products, services, etc. sent to us when members and non-members (hereinafter referred to as “Users of the Site”) use the Site. Regarding the handling of all other contents (hereinafter referred to as “sent contents”)
13-1. The copyright of the transmitted content belongs to the User of the Site that transmitted the transmitted content. The User of the Site shall transmit content after ensuring that the transmitted content is his or her original creation and that the content does not include third party copyrights or other rights. However, if there is a copyright or other right of a third party in the transmitted content due to an exceptional need, the rights necessary to use the transmitted content legally at the responsibility and burden of the User of the Site It is assumed and warranted that processing will be performed. We shall not be obligated to judge whether or not the rights are applicable.
13-2. Users of the Site transmit the transmission content to us, and the transmission content can be freely copied, publicly transmitted, translated / adapted, etc. by us without any restrictions. It is considered that the license has been granted (including the re-use license authority from us to a third party). There are no local restrictions, copyright display obligations, or other incidental conditions for the above usage by us, and the period is limited as long as the copyright of the transmitted content continues, and no royalties or other considerations will be incurred. In addition, regarding the above usage by us, users of the Site shall not make any claim of the moral rights (publication rights, name display rights, rights of identity) under the Copyright Act. However, this does not apply if the above usage by us detracts from the reputation and reputation of users of the Site.
13-3. Other members or third parties take civil action against the Site User or the Company based on the infringement of the legal interests by the public notices of the Site User, and at the same time If requested to be removed, we may tentatively limit access to related notices until legal action results.

14. Use of services

When using each service, it is necessary to agree in advance to the terms of service and the contract document.

15. Service interruption/stop

In order to keep the service in good condition, we performs regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system, if the load is concentrated on the system, and if we determines that the operation of the service will be hindered, the member If it is necessary to ensure the security of the service, or if it is determined that other services are necessary, take necessary measures such as interrupting or stopping the provision of all or part of the service without prior notice. It shall be possible. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the member in this case.
15-1. Members who use the paid services on the Site shall pay the usage fees listed on the Site.
15-2. We may change usage fees or payment terms without the member's consent.
15-3. Refunds will not be made for the amount paid by the member to the Company.
15-4. We shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage to the member caused by unauthorized use of the payment method by a third party.

16. On and paid items

16-1. On can only be used within the Site and cannot be converted into cash.
16-2. Paid items can only be used within the Site.
16-3. Members cannot transfer purchased or on-paid items to other members.
16-4. We will not refund on-purchase items or paid items for any reason.
16-5. We shall recognize the fee as our sales when the member purchases On.
16-6. On-site and paid items in the site of a member who has withdrawn will disappear upon withdrawal and cannot be converted into cash.
16-7. Even if the member does not update the trade information after starting to use the trade information, the used On will not be returned to the member regardless of the reason.
16-8. As a rule, refunds are not possible. However, this does not apply to cases where we discontinues the provision of On services.
16-9. On-site may be temporarily unavailable due to system failure or maintenance of this site.

17. Offer of gift campaign prize money, product

17-1. Prizes and prizes will be provided to members who meet the standards of our company in various present campaigns held on this site.
17-2. With regard to the prizes received by members, if we determines that it is withholding tax in light of laws and regulations, etc., we shall withhold tax, and the Member shall not be able to challenge this.
17-3. The prize money will be transferred from us to the registered designated account on the 5th of the month after the end of the month (or if the day falls on a financial institution holiday, the next business day). The transfer fee will be borne by the member. In addition, payments to members from us shall be in accordance with the provisions of the following items.
1) The transfer fee per transfer is uniformly 324 yen regardless of the transfer amount, regardless of which financial institution or branch the designated transfer account is.
2) If the total amount of payment is less than 5,000 yen, it will be deferred to payment in the following month.
3) If the name of the member is different from the name of the account, you may be asked to confirm the identity of the member. In that case, payment will be postponed until the verification process is completed.
4) We will not be held liable for any inaccuracies in the registered designated account due to incorrect input, etc., which could result in payment failure. In addition, if multiple transfers are made, the transfer fee will be borne by the member.
5) If the account information of the member is blank or incomplete and the prize money cannot be transferred, we will send a registration information correction request email to the registered email address. If there is no renewal for 6 months after sending the first correction request email, we will abandon the prize.
17-4. Prizes will be provided based on the display in the Site displayed for each gift campaign.

18. Eliminating anti-social forces

18-1. The member expresses to us that the member and the officers and employees of the member do not fall under any of the following items, and assures that they will not fall into the future.
1) Gangsters, gangsters, those who have not been gangsters for five years, gangster quasi-members, gangster-related companies, general practitioners, etc., social movements such as Goro or Special Intelligence violent groups, etc. (Hereinafter referred to as “gangsters”)
2) Having a relationship where gang members, etc. dominate management, or gang members are recognized as being substantially involved in management
3) Having a relationship that is recognized as using gang members unfairly
4) Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved such as providing funds to gang members, etc., or providing convenience
5) Having a socially accused relationship with other gang members
18-2. Members shall ensure that they do not perform any act that falls under any of the following items by themselves or using a third party.
1) Violent demands
2) Unfair demands beyond legal liability
3) Acts of threatening behavior or using violence in relation to transactions
4) Disseminating rumors, using false counterfeiting or using power to damage your reputation or interfere with your business
5) Other acts equivalent to the preceding items

19. Suspension of use of specific member / Cancellation of membership

19-1. If we determine that a specific member falls under any of the following items, we will stop using that service, change the member's user ID and password without prior notice, change the member's membership status You may cancel and suspend and extinguish payment of unpaid transfer consideration. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the member.
1) When member has violated laws and ordinances
2) When a member has a misconduct regarding the use of the service
3) When it is necessary to ensure the security of the member, such as when there is a mistake in entering the password more than a certain number of times
4) When the statement in each item of paragraph 1 of the preceding article is found to be contrary to the facts
5) Contrary to the promise in each item of Paragraph 1 of the preceding article, if any of the items in that paragraph applies
6) Contrary to the commitment in each item of Paragraph 2) of the preceding article, when an act that falls under any of the items in that paragraph
7) Other cases where we deem appropriate
19-2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, if a member does not log in a certain number of times within a certain period determined by us, we will change the user ID and password of the member or cancel the membership without notifying in advance Shall be able to.

20. Approval

The member shall also consent to the following matters.
20-1. Affiliate system sales are a standard feature.
20-2. Adopting a 2-tier system in the affiliate system and making it an affiliate reward including a 2-tier reward.
20-3. For some affiliate members participating in the affiliate system, there is a special reward setting determined by us.
20-4. Affiliate rewards must also be generated on the Site.
20-5. It is the responsibility of the member himself to report the income earned from traders rankings, events and site activities.

21. Compensation for damages

21-1. In the event that a member causes damage to us or other members or other third parties, either intentionally or negligently, there is a responsibility to compensate for the damage.
21-2. If a member violates the provisions of this agreement and damages a third party, the member shall compensate for the damage of the third party. We shall not be liable for any damages to members or third parties arising from this (including but not limited to liability for damages).

22. Service change, abolition, specification change, etc.

We shall be able to change or abolish all or part of the service based on the judgment without obtaining the member's consent. In addition, changes or modifications to the contents of this agreement or the specifications of this service, etc., can be made only with prior written notice by us or notification on this site.

23. Notification method for users

We shall be able to notify members through E-mail or other methods deemed appropriate by us. E-mail notification based on the preceding paragraph shall arrive when we issues a notification to the registered email address of the member.

24. Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

This agreement is interpreted based on Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first instance of any legal dispute related to these Terms, depending on the amount of the complaint.

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