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System Trade usage fee service is that a seller receives a system usage fee from the securities company in compensation for usage of the system trade.
【System acceptance Criteria of Affiliated securities Company】
Himawari Securities,Inc EcoTradeFX
1.Maximum drawdown per 1 position in a strategy is 300 pips. (According to abrupt change in the market, it might exceed 300 pips down.)
2.Maximum number of positions is 5.
3.Unit for dealing signal is fixed 10000.
4.Dealing amount should be the same for each dealing signals.
5.Hedge is prohibited.

INVAST Securities Co,Ltd. SystemTrade24
1.Maximum drawdown per 1 osition is 300 pips.
2.Maximum number of positions is 4.
3.The limit of dealing(buy/sell) is 60 times.
–According to Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and its related bills, maximum consulting fee for 1 system is \735,000 (enterprise price) for each Securities companies.

–When you provide the same system for multiple Securities companies, the maximum is that the number of Securities company multiplies by an enterprise price.
–If you would like to put up the products with price higher than the maximum, you must register as an investment advisory to Financial Services Agency or be employed by Gogo jungle Inc as Investment Advisory.
–fx-on supports investment advisory registration. There is a screening for Investment Advisory.
–The details are 『User agreement of Consulting Fee Payment Services』

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