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Japan's largest investment EC Market GogoJungle Compare forward results! You can see which EA has good grades now!

EA's reputation can
be seen in reviews
and community
bulletin boards.

EA can be searched
by PF for winning
rate and profit rate
of forward results.

Excellent cost
performance by
selling out without
recurring billing.

How to read forward results

1 Revenue: Operating profit during the forward period
2 Revenue Return Rate: Revenue rate. (Revenue during forward measurement period) / (Recommended margin)
3 Recommended Margin: Recommended margin when using a 25% leveraged account. Formula: (Required
margin+(Maximum DD x 2))
4 Profit Factor: (sum of earnings) / (sum of losses)

*MT4 account used for forward measurement is operated in JPY. $1 ≒ \103 (as of August 8, 2019)