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Reward amount from 10%!
Cookie expiration is 30 days!
Twitter affiliate available

Make money with
GogoJungle Partner Network.

Features of GogoJungle affiliate program

The reward rate
is 10%~

For high-priced EA
products, the minimum
reward per case is high!

Cookie, valid for up
to 30 days

Once an affiliate link is
routed, it will continue for
30 days unless another
route is reached. In
addition, even if you
purchase other products
with a connection, the
connection will be available.

Possible with
abundant media

In addition to blogs,
websites, you can also
affiliate on Twitter.


All products are self-
affiliated. It is also
possible for partners to
purchase at a discount.

Continuous introduction with real-time forward

In addition to analysis of backtest data, you can introduce
it as many times as possible by quoting forward operation

GogoJungle affiliate program features

Incentive gift function

Additional benefits can be
given to buyers.

Results confirmation
via mail

We will notify you by email
when there is a purchase
through an affiliate.


You can check the number
of affiliate link clicks,
performance rewards, and
results by day.

Possible in various

Affiliates are possible not
only on sites and blogs
but also on Twitter.
(As long as affiliates are

Special compensation

Leading partners can set
special rewards for specific

Abundant blog parts

There are popular rankings
and forward blog parts,
and it is easier to get
through than fixed image
banners. In the case of
backtest data only, it tends
to end with a single