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Let's get start EA Seller
on GogoJungle!

You can sell under a nickname with a 35% sales fee! GogoJungle also
arranges EA distribution and redistribution of update files due to trouble
some account binding. Japan's largest EA sales platform and affiliate
bloggers will promote and sell EA on your behalf.

What is GogoJungle?

Japan's largest EA / indicator sales platform. Boasting less than 100,000 members,
the popular EA has sold more than 2,000.

Can be listed by nickname

When selling and selling EA, there
is no need to disclose your personal


Adopt original web authentication system
to prevent illegal copy distribution and
second-hand buying and selling of EA.

We will handle all of this!

Distribution of update files is also
arranged by GogoJungle.

Ties up!

Excellent EA also ties up with an FX
company in Japan to open an account.

We promote EA on your behalf!

With its own ASP platform, thousands of
affiliate bloggers review and promote EA.

Many bloggers will support you.

In addition to the user mail magazine that
reaches 40,000 people. You can promote
your products with official Twitter.