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What is REAL TRADE ?


・This is a new service that allows you to easily manage the
information on the trading results of MetaTrader.

・Reflect MetaTrader information on your My Page in
real time.

・MetaTrader is a FX trading software that is extremely
popular with a wide range of users from general users
to professionals.

Convenient functions will appear
one after another

・Display trading results of MetaTrader in various formats
will be possible.

・It's easy to set up, so why not try MetaTrader ?

※1 We plan to implement functions such as displaying the results in charts
and daily totals, and portfolio functions.

You can refer to the trading results of
various traders.

・See other people's trading performance !
・Show your trading performance !
・Real-time reflection of trading results !
・Aim to the strongest trader !